Tipp Rambler

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Made with in California

Sparkling Rosé

Ideal for adventure and sharing with friends, sip on Tipp Rambler Sparkling Rosé made from 100% California Pinot Noir by Winemaker James MacPhail. Refreshingly bright and bubbly to the core. Will you taste raspberries on the palate balanced with acidity? Perhaps, but we're more interested in what you taste!

4 bottles x 187 ml


California Made

Combine great ingredients, and you'll make a great wine. Made from a base of 100% Pinot Noir Rosé from the California appellations of Russian River Valley and Carneros, Winemaker James MacPhail meticulously oversees our winemaking to make Tipp Rambler into the refreshing bubbly that we envisioned from day one.