5 Snacks You Won't Regret

What pairs with bubbles?  Everything, darling. But since you've asked, we've put together a list of our favorite snacks to enjoy with your Sparkling Rosé. Do you have favorites of your own? Email us and we'll add your selections to our list!

1. Champagne Gummy Bears:
Pair bubbles with bubbly candy? Absolutely. We first discovered Champagne gummy bears when a friend brought a couple bags from her trip home to Germany for a New Year's Eve party. Needless to say, the bags of these sinfully delicious gummy bears disappeared fast. In the U.S., you can find these at Sugarfina and Lolli & Pops. If you have any semblance of a sweet tooth...these are for you.

2. Clif Family Classic Hazelnut Dukkah
Spur of the moment gatherings with friends often create the best memories. But...that sometimes means you're scrambling to put together a suitable snack to munch on while sipping sparkling rosé. Enter Dukkah, a traditional Egyptian blend of spices, nuts, and seeds. Pour a little olive oil, sprinkle the dukkah on top, and grab  a baguette! Our friends at Clif Family make three different types of Dukkah, but the Classic Hazelnut is a crowd pleaser. 

3. Humboldt Fog Haze Remix by Cypress Grove

Humboldt Fog soft-ripened goat cheese is amazing unto itself, but the team at Cypress Grove outdid themselves with the Haze Remix. Limited in production, this wheel features a ribbon of lavender and wild fennel pollen to give this already amazing cheese an extra kick. 

4. Santa Barbara Popcorn

Late night popcorn snacks with a glass of bubbles might not be fancy, but it is 100% delicious. The wonderful team from Santa Barbara Popcorn source their kernels from a family-owned, organic local California farm. With many flavors to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite. When in doubt, the Sea Salt & Olive Oil is a great place to start.

5. Worthy Granola

Made in San Francisco by nutritionist Jeanne Norsworthy, Worthy Granola is the ideal hiking snack to give you the boost for the trip back. Both flavors have their merits, but the Cocoa Raspberry Love has the extra "it" factor with TCHO chocolate, the sweet notes of raspberries and slowly toasted oats.

Photo by Charles Deluvio