Tipp Rambler

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Made with in California

What Is A Tipp Rambler?

Tipp Rambler encompasses everything that we want to be.


Tipp /ˈtipp/ noun
  • a nickname for "Tipple" (aka, an alcoholic drink)  
Ram·bler /ˈramb(ə)lər/ noun
  • one who roams the streets less traveled, kicking up dust along the way 
  • one who takes chances and pushes boundaries
  • one who revels in life
  • one who doesn't take life too seriously 

Made In California

Tipp Rambler Sparkling Rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir from the celebrated California appellations of Russian River Valley and Carneros.  

A Wine From Wine Lovers

Each member of our team shares one important quality - we're all wine lovers (especially sparkling wine lovers). When defining our desired house style of sparkling wine, we blind tasted over 50 sparkling wines from around the world. We know, tough job. At the end of the day, we wanted to make a wine that we ourselves would enjoy, so that's exactly what we did.


Michael & Wendi Green

Michael & Wendi Green

California born and raised, Michael's fascination with vineyards and the wine industry started at a young age watching his Grandfather labor over a Gewürztraminer vineyard he planted in Anderson Valley, which are now planted to Pinot Noir and called Elswick Vineyards. He started his career with Huneeus Vintners in Napa Valley, followed by stints at Dean & DeLuca and Jackson Family Wines.

Moving to California from Kansas to enter the wine industry fresh out of college, Wendi has worked for the Rudd Collection, a group of family-owned food, wine, and spirits luxury brands her entire career. Currently the Director of Marketing, this esteemed collection includes Rudd Estate and PRESS Restaurant.

Both passionate about sparkling wine and the belief that it isn't just for special occasions, Michael and Wendi hatched a plan to start Tipp Rambler.

James MacPhail

James has deep roots in Sonoma and a long history of success producing high quality, premium wines that have been prominently featured and received multiple 90+ points ratings. Inspired by his father’s encouragement, he pursued his ambitions of becoming a winemaker in the mid-1990s, working alongside numerous Sonoma County wineries and growers. Through this experience, he honed his craft specifically on Pinot Noir sourced from the Sonoma Coast and Anderson Valley. Since 2002, James has produced over 130 different Pinots and Chardonnays with 90+ point scores making him one of only a few members of the 90+/90+ Club in Sonoma County.

Joy Hallman

Texan of the team and would have a glass of champagne daily if given the chance.

She fell into wine working with a global importer and hasn’t looked back. Joy has spent the past 6+ years at the world renowned wine & spirits branding firm Stranger & Stranger where she currently wrangles all things. She has worked with global brand leaders at Proximo, Constellation, Treasury Wine Estates, and Jackson Family Wines.

Believing that wine is deeply communal and should be shared beyond fancy dinners and celebrations - it's also for frisbee at the beach, brunching at home, ping pong matches, and weekend hikes. You can take Tipp anywhere and thats why we love it.

Abby Green

Every winery needs a four legged member of the team! When she isn't begging for prosciutto and other delicious bits, she's a dedicated Fluffy Prop, Sassy Co-Pilot, and Bubbly Ambassador to bipeds and quadrupeds alike.